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Employee Based Projects

Employees' Needs

An assessment of day work and shiftwork employees at a mining operation uncovered issues related to fatigue, poor morale, low levels of trust and resistance to change. Shiftwork Solutions' findings also highlighted employee desires for more quality time off and healthier, more social lifestyles. 

By working directly with these employees and their management team, we were able to identify roster patterns that improved their ability to cope with shiftwork. Employees were able to select their favourite roster which delivered improvements in attendance, quality, yields, safety, flexibility and employee morale.


8's or 12's

A manufacturing plant wanted to change back from 12 hour to 8 hour shifts.  The current 12 hour shift roster did not provide adequate recovery time, relief coverage, training or communication opportunities.  
To assist this client, Shiftwork Solutions developed a variety of roster options and presented these to employees, along with the pay and benefits relating to each roster. 

The employees’ final selection was a combination 8 and 12 hour shift pattern.  This maximised time-off benefits on weekends for employees and satisfied all other requirements for the business.  Shiftwork Solutions then designed transition rosters and long term calendars for a seamless implementation.


Squeaky Wheels

The management team in this company received constant complaints about the existing roster from the same group of workers. Shiftwork Solutions was asked to determine the true opinion of the entire workforce and make any recommendations for change. 

We met with all employees on their shifts to obtain a complete picture of shiftwork preferences, working conditions and issues affecting health and lifestyle. Results were compared to our benchmark database results from similar sites and the comparison illustrated a strong desire for change within the company. 

The results were presented to employees along with alternative roster options to improve satisfaction and maintain business coverage. Employees selected their preferred roster option and management noticed an improvement in morale almost immediately.

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