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Health and Safety Based Projects

Coping Strategies

Management at this energy company were approached by a number of employees with concerns about fatigue and hours of work in their busy 24 hour operation.  The preference was not to change the current roster, but to assist employees with their sleep and shiftwork lifestyles. 

As a result, Shiftwork Solutions organised health education training for both employees and their families.  Subjects covered during these sessions included:  sleep, biological clocks, fatigue management, alcohol, sleeping pills, caffeine, nicotine, diet, exercise, lighting, healthy lifestyles, naps and communication.

Employees and their families were very appreciative of this information as it showed their company's interest in their health and well being. 


Rotation Myths

Employees at a manufacturing plant changed to a clockwise rotation (day shift to afternoon shift to night shift then back to day shift) based on research they had read indicating it was better for their bodies. During the trial period for this roster employees complained of increased fatigue both at work and at home. 

To address these issues, Shiftwork Solutions designed alternative rosters that changed the rotation and increased recovery time between work cycles. Soon after implementation employees reported feeling more alert at work and better able to enjoy their time off with family and friends.


Reducing Fatigue

Haul truck drivers at a large mine were experiencing 'micro-sleeps' of up to 5 seconds long while in control of their vehicles.  This was occurring despite a comprehensive and well-implemented fatigue mangement program.  Management saw it as a wake-up call and decided to involve employees more in managing their own fatigue factors.

Shiftwork Solutions developed a Fatigue Champions program which provided specialised training to selected employees on fatigue, health and lifestyle for shiftworkers.  These employees were also taught how to take the role of mentors and advisors for their co-workers.

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