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Conference Presentations

Shiftwork Solutions is continually invited to speak at many conferences, seminars and workshops both in Australia and overseas.  Here is a sample of our conference presentations..


  Rostering and Shiftwork Seminar (Hilton Hotel, Sydney NSW, 16th February 2018)
  Optimising Rosters & Shiftwork Operations (Hilton Hotel, Auckland NZ, 24th February 2017)
  Optimising Rosters & Shiftwork Operations (Emporium Hotel, Brisbane QLD, 17th February 2017)
  HR Leaders Summit 2016 (ANZ Stadium, Sydney, NSW, 19th October 2016)
  Optimising Rosters & Shiftwork Operations (Crown Perth, WA, 19 February 2016)
  Rostering and Shiftwork for Aviation (Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE, 24-25 January 2016)
  Rostering, Shiftwork and Fatigue Management (Emperors Palace Casino Resort, Johannesburg, SA, 19-20 Nov 2015)
  Rostering and Shiftwork for Aviation (Park Royal, Kuala Lumpur, MY, 22-23 April 2015)
  Managing Rosters & Shiftwork Operations (Park Hyatt, Melbourne VIC, 20 February 2015)
  HR Leaders Resources Summit (Sofitel Gold Coast, QLD, 8-9 October 2014)
  IMARC (Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, VIC, 22-26 September 2014)
  Multi-Shift Scheduling & Operations (Furama Bukit Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, MY, 7-8 April 2014)
  Managing Rosters & Shiftwork Operations (White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane QLD, 14 March 2014)
  Mining Technology and Operations Summit (Rendezvous Hotel, Perth WA, 18-19 November 2013)
  Operational Workforce Optimisation: Doing More with Less Conference (Marriott Hotel, Melbourne VIC, 11-12 Nov 2013)
  Australian Sugar Milling Council Safety Conference (Mercure Hotel, Townsville QLD, 20-21 March 2013)
  Fatigue Management in the Resources Industry (Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane QLD - 2011)
  Rostering & Shiftwork Seminar (Shiftwork Solutions, Park Hyatt Sydney NSW - 2011)
  Rostering and Shiftwork Seminar (Shiftwork Solutions, Brisbane QLD - 2009)
  Strategies for Rostering and Shiftwork (Hilton on the Park, Melbourne VIC - 2009)
  Rostering, Shiftwork & Fatigue Management (Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane QLD - 2008)
  Rostering, Shiftwork & Fatigue Management (Novotel Langley, Perth WA - 2008)
  Best Practice Strategies for Scheduling and Shiftwork (Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur MY - 2007)
  Recruitment and Retention in Mining (Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane QLD - 2007)
  Best Practice Strategies for Rostering and Scheduling (Marriott Hotel, Dubai UAE - 2006)
  Best Practice Strategies for Scheduling and Shiftwork (Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur MY - 2005)
  Best Practice Strategies for Scheduling and Shiftwork (Crown Plaza Hotel, Dubai UAE - 2005 Conference)
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