Shiftwork Solutions provides expert commentary and other information to a number of different media sources and to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.  Here is a sample of specific programs and events that have used Shiftwork Solutions:

  • the ABC's '7:30 Report' read transcript
  • Channel 9's 'What's Good for You'
  • Channel 7's 'Today Tonight'
  • Australian Industrial Relations Commission 'Reasonable Hours of Work' Test Case read transcript
  • ABC Radio - Responding to shiftworker questions at 4am
  • Australian Industrial Relations Commission 'Safety of 12 Hour Shifts in Underground Mine Sites'
  • Federal Magistrates Court of Australia read decision

New Roster Improves Workplace Culture

October 16

A 24/7 operation was using a traditional shiftwork arrangement based on eight-hour shifts and they strongly valued the level of employee contact and commitment which this brought. But as other continuous operations moved to 12 hour shifts, the company found itself under pressure from employees to  go the same way. Read More

Flexible Rostering the Answer to Australia's Competitiveness in a Global Labour Market

June 14

The global market in which we exist is changing and flexibility in the way we work can allow Australia to maintain this competitive edge. It’s not all doom and gloom – we just need to adjust the way we think about things and streamline work practices accordingly. Read More

Rostering for the festive season

December 13

Have you ever had to tell your children that you have to go into work on Christmas to help Santa make it safely around the world to deliver his presents? If not, then maybe you should spare a thought for those employees working or on call this Christmas in the power plants, hospitals, police stations, the media, airports and other essential services we require to feed our 24/7 appetites. Read More

Resources Safety Matters

September 13

Fatigue and working hours are one of Resources Safety's top ten priorities for the mines inspectorate, and are typically at the top of the list when roadshow participants are asked what they would like to hear more about. Here Jim Huemmer of Shiftwork Solutions discusses how rosters and actual hours of work can be tailored to an organisation's needs and its workforce while minimising fatigue. Read More

Conquering 'workload drift' - August Newsletter

August 13

In case you missed it, HC Online recently published an article based on Shiftwork Solutions Director Jim Huemmer's solutions for 'workload drift' and his five steps you should consider before your next enterprise agreement. Read More

South Africa: a continent of opportunity May 2013

May 13

Director of Shiftwork Solutions Jim Huemmer is pleased to announce the opening of Shiftwork Solutions' operation in South Africa this month. Mr Huemmer said South Africa is a continent of opportunity for global businesses with many in the country currently achieving double-digit growth. Read More

Evolution in the Mining Industry April 2013

April 13

From a business efficiency, employer relations and safety perspective, Mr Huemmer has seen a lot of change in the mining industry during the last two decades. Historically, mining rosters and hours of work have changed significantly. It was only twenty years ago that most rosters were residential-based. Read More

Managing Fatigue Risk Through Sleep March 2013

March 13

Managing workplace fatigue and risk is a broad area that needs to be properly evaluated based on site specific conditions. For example, not all workers require the same amount of sleep to be fully alert the next day. Many individuals require seven to eight hours to be fully alert, others require more hours of sleep and some can get by with less. Read More
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