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Business Needs

Shiftwork Solutions conducts an on-site audit to identify and understand your operational requirements, goals, working conditions, costs, department interactions and other issues specific to your business.  We analyse operating, employee, financial and safety data, perform management interviews, and review rostering practices to identify new opportunities and hidden costs.

Your business needs are unique to your site or work area and amount to more than just a number of days per week of coverage.  We have developed roster solutions for many different business needs that include:

  • designing rosters to match changing workloads
  • increasing productivity, quality and operating capacity
  • improving equipment utilisation to reduce overtime and idle time hours
  • building opportunities for training, communication, development, relief coverage and maintenance into work rosters
  • delivering flexibility, team concepts and cultural change
  • reducing hidden costs
  • developing all work and pay policies for EA negotiations
  • identifying new opportunities for streamlining operations
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