Case Study, Employee

Squeaky Wheels

Sometimes when we obtain feedback from vocal individuals, we can be misled to believe that their views also represent the silent majority in the workforce.

The management team in this company received constant complaints about the existing roster from the same group of workers and they were unsure if these views were representative with other teams working the roster.

Shiftwork Solutions was asked to obtain feedback from the entire workforce and make any recommendations for change. Using individual, confidential shiftwork questionnaires, it didn’t take long to capture everyone’s input regarding their hours of work, sleep patterns and preferences for time off and create a transparent process that assists with decision making and implementing change.

Obtaining and presenting results from all employees showed that everyone did not agree on a final roster and led to strategic changes to the work cycles and blocks of time off in the current roster to address the majority’s concerns.  These changes led to improvements in attendance and employee morale which were noticed immediately.

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